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A Visa is like a seal of approval placed inside a passport that permits you to enter, stay in, or leave a country for a specific period.


A visit visa is a type of non-immigrant visa for individuals who wish to enter a country temporarily. It can be for travel or business, but you cannot sell anything or offer your services to anyone.

The different types of Visit Visas are:

  • Tourist Visa
  • General Visit Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Single and Double Entry Visa

Documents Required for better chances of getting Visa is:

  • The complete set of applications
  • Supportive documents to back you up

Your visa process becomes much smoother when you apply with the help of professionals.

You can find these visit visa types more or less in any country in the world. But the requirements vary from place to place.

Just Like An Immigrant Visa, They Also Depend On Your Country Of Origin

  • It would be best if you had a tourist visa when you want to go overseas to travel
  • A visitor visa is one that allows you to enter a foreign nation to visit a relative, or for medical purposes
  • A transit visa is a non-immigration visa that you need to pass through some countries
  • Transit visas are useful when you need to stop at a particular country to switch transport
  • A business visa when you wish to travel to another nation to set up a business
  • These visas are not for immigration and only for business purposes
  • With business visas, you can conduct business meetings overseas
  • Single and double-entry visas are applicable for a work visa, transit visa, and visiting visa
  • These are not immigration visas, and they allow you entry once or twice

Visa Helps The Countries Check And Control The Visitors Flowing In And Out Of The Country

  • Countries have to deal with pressing concerns like economics, overpopulation, and terrorism
  • It is imperative to control the immigration process for this reason
  • The visa and immigration officials govern how many people enter the country and what they are allowed to do
  • Through visa processing, the officials can verify your identity before you arrive at the country
  • The visa interview process helps the immigration department investigate the economic and criminal background of the tourist
Before Visiting Another Country for Tourism, You Need to Obtain a Travel Visa

Visa Also Helps The Host Country Determine Who Qualifies For Permanent Residency
  • Every country has its own processing time, extensions, and applications rules for visa
  • Depending on your intention of visit, the visa requirements may be different
  • In Canada, for example, you can use a visitor visa to explore the country. This visa, however, does not allow for employment
  • It takes 15-30 days for a Canadian visit visa to be processed
  • For Australia, the tourist visa is valid until the purpose of the visit is fulfilled
  • The processing time for an Australian tourist visa is less, compared to other countries
  • If you apply under the fast-track program, the processing time can be as low as 48 hours

You Can Apply For An American HB Visa, The European Schengen Visa, or Others

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