We at Fame Overseas guide students and candidates to choose the right university and country to move in, as well as towards making the suitable career decision. Applying for overseas education is a huge decision therefore we help them rightly to choose their favorite university or college.


We have one of the best education counselors who are highly experienced and qualified who suggests programs in the countries and universities based on your educational background, career goals and guide you in the right direction.


Though there are many universities and colleges in the world offering varied study programs and courses, we make sure our students get personalized attention to make the right decision. Our highly experienced overseas education consultants help in selecting the right course in the university based on your profile, financial status, and of course, with reference to your interest.


Study And Work Abroad works on a student’s career options after intensive analysis of the student’s academics, aptitude, available financial resources, choice of country, among many other factors.

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