The country of kangaroos offers some of the best courses available in the world. Well-renowned around the world, the universities in New Zealand are sought after for a variety of reasons. The courses, for starters, are well-updated with all the latest innovations and research. This makes the student graduating from these courses particularly well-equipped to join the work force. New Zealand regularly ranks as the third most popular country for students after USA and the UK.


The most attractive feature of New Zealand education, after the obvious quality consciousness, is the sheer affordability of it. The country has far lower living expenses than the US and the UK and still maintains a high standard of living. The country has the lowest cost of education when compared to the cost of living. This is largely due to the country’s robust economy. The higher education system also offers a diverse range of courses and degrees to choose from. There is a choice between universities, vocational courses, and language training for students.


New Zealand ranks right up there when it comes to the sheer quality of scientific research they offer. The country stands right at the forefront of technological achievements and breakthroughs. Universities here have some amazing resources for students who are looking to pursue research based courses. Vocational courses offered by Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes are highly regulated and meet international standards regularly.


Courses in tourism, hospitality, sports, management, science and technology, engineering, horticulture, English and health are widely opted for by students. Universities and governments also offer a number of scholarships and grants for meritorious students as well. Over and above private education institutes there are 39 or more registered universities in New Zealand. This provides students a wide array of education options to choose from.

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