Fame overseas consultancy is committed to providing free independent advice and support to Indian students applying to study in the abroad countries.

We are here to help guide international students through each step of the application process to any university, college or language school. Our students’ success rate is 98 percent.

No matter which level of higher education you wish to study, we have a support team and a service to suit you.


A free consultation at Fame overseas office will help you find the right university to apply to, along with advice on how best to fill in your application form. The Premium Service will guarantee you an offer from at least one university.

The primary objective of our service is to match the individual priorities of each student with the particular needs and requirements of each educational institution.

We continue to support students from their first enquiries, throughout the application process, and right up to their arrival in the UK and Australia and throughout their life at university. Learn more by visiting us for a free consultation across India to discuss your future.


To provide Quality educational guidance to the students who dream to study abroad and to expand our services globally.

To help the students in meeting their career goals and helps them in achieving success.

To provide all services relating to international studies under one roof.


“To strive for excellent service to our students & parents in their quest for best quality education at an affordable cost.”

There are real issues of trust, access and understanding at a major decision point for a young adult. Good advice and support can make all the difference between a good choice and a bad one. Between a successful and rewarding experience and a poor one.

We believe Indian students should have access to trusted, expert advice about the universities and courses. To be supported by professional and experienced advisers throughout their whole journey: from the first tentative enquiries, through the application process, and right up to their arrival in the country and throughout their life at university.


  • Free Career & Admission Counselling to every Students & Parents.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed to students & parents.
  • Scholarship & Other assistance provided.
  • We’re honest & focused with our services.
  • Post Admission assistances also provided to students & their parents.
  • Dedicated for providing personalized consultancy to students as well as parents.
  • Assist Students with all aspects of Planning & Arranging for their Studies.
  • Overseas, Accommodation and Part time jobs.
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